Mini-meals and hidden homes

Here’s some photos of two more activities we did at the CWC Secret Worlds Camp, led by my teaching partner Kallie George.

In order to get the kids thinking about food from a miniature person’s perspective, we had them build a mini-meal out of clay and then create a menu of that feast.

As part of  a separate activity, the students imagined that their characters had to abandon their current shelter and take up residence in an abandoned bird house. They got to decorate their new home to their liking!

Of course, afterwards, they had to write about both aspects of their characters’ miniature existence.


minimeal09 minimeal08 minimeal07 minimeal06 minimeal05 minimeal04 minimeal03 minimeal02

Hidden Homes

hiddenhome01 hiddenhome08 hiddenhome07 hiddenhome06 hiddenhome05 hiddenhome04 hiddenhome03 hiddenhome02  minimeal01


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