Tiny characters for tiny stories

One of the focuses of the Secret Worlds camp that I’m teaching right now is to encourage the students to think about adding variety to their characters. So often, I find that the stories feature three best friends who are all too similar in personality.

We began by examining some of the different types of characters that we commonly find in adventure stories about secret or hidden worlds. Some of the stories included The Rescuers, The Borrowers, Basil of Baker Street, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, and my own Kendra Kandlestar series. After looking at all these models, the students began working on worksheets in which they had to invent five unique and distinct characters.

Since this is Secret Worlds camp, many of the character casts include mice, insects, or other tiny creatures. Here’s a few photos of work in progress . . .

miniaturecrew12 miniaturecrew11 miniaturecrew10 miniaturecrew09 miniaturecrew08  miniaturecrew06 miniaturecrew05 miniaturecrew03 miniaturecrew02 miniaturecrew01


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