Thinking small

Day 1 at the Secret Worlds Camp in Korea is now finished. We’re really thinking small this camp! We’ve started designing and building shrink ray guns. But, first, we started with making miniature versions of ourselves and then writing a short poem about what it would be like to be so small.

I found actually building the models really helped bring this activity to life. Here are some photos of the work in progress.
supplies minipeople04 minipeople03 minipeople02 minipeople01

And here’s some of the characters and the poems in progress . . . for some reason, when some of the students were miniaturized, they became knights, dark angels, sorceresses, and Jedi Knights. Well, who can say exactly how any of these shrink rays will work!

miniraymund minichris minisejin miniyujin minimichelle minitiana minihyeran minihannah minihaijin minirosie ministephanie minisunwoo miniandrew minijames miniscott minisomang minijohn

Here’s a photo of our entire class miniaturized. The ladybug is our class mascot!


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