Shrink ray gun designs . . . muhahahahaha

Day 2 at the CWC Secret Worlds creative writing camp in Korea saw us designing and building our own shrink ray machines. We already have the miniature people, so we thought we might as well make the machines that were responsible!

In truth, the main purpose of this activity was to provide the students with a great inciting incident for an adventure story. Plus, once the students have built their models, they can more easily describe them in their stories.

My teaching partner, Kallie George, and I packed most of these supplies all the way from Canada, but it was worth it. All these little buttons and recycled goods make for fantastic buttons, triggers, and dials.

Just check out some of the designs and models . . .

shrinkray00 shrinkray01 shrinkray02 shrinkray03 shrinkray04 shrinkray05 shrinkray06 shrinkray07 shrinkray08  shrinkray09a

shrinkray09 shrinkray10 shrinkray15

In other camp-related news, the miniature version of me, affectionately known as Mini Wiz, has not been getting along with one of our camp mascots, Bugsy.


Now, time to prepare for another full day tomorrow!

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