Inspirations from the WETA exhibit in Korea

During my last day in Seoul before heading to teach my creative writing camp, I visited the brand new  History & Culture Park in the Dongdaemun area of the city.

It’s a really futuristic building, with sleek and silver curving lines.

seoulcc00 seoulcc01 seoulcc02 seoulcc03 seoulcc04

Once inside, I was thrilled to discover a special exhibit: The WETA Fantasy Exhibition. This incredible installation featured sculptures and models from fantasy movies such as Lord of the Rings and King Kong, as well as some interesting character and setting designs for an upcoming children’s book series called The Gloaming Trilogy by John Fraser-Allen. I instantly fell in love with is world!

Here are some photos snapped during my visit to the exhibition. I had fun interacting with some of the statues and, of course, my mind began racing with new ideas!

weta_monkeybusiness weta_dragon weta_darkrider weta_facetoface weta_orc weta_gloaming_faces weta_kingkong weta_gloaming_troll weta_gloaming_troll&tree weta_gloamingowl weta_lef_dragon weta_stomp weta_stomp2 weta_treecreature weta-treewoman



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