Volcanic adventures

My explorations of Jeju Island continued yesterday and had a decidedly volcanic theme. In the company of two of my students, I visited Seongsan Ilchulbong, also known as Sunrise Peak.

Here are some more dol harbang (stone grandfathers) greeting us at the entrance. I could never resist taking photos of them whenever I came upon them.



Here’s a view of the crater from afar.


This is a glimpse of the stairs we had to take up the tall crater. Needless to say, it was blazing hot.


Along the way, we saw some neat rock formations and many beautiful flowers, butterflies, and dragon flies.

sunrisepeak03 sunrisepeak04

And then, finally, we reached the top. My pictures hardly do it any justice.

sunrisepeak05 sunrisepeak06

After we climbed down, we went around to the other side of the peak and took a boat ride to go see the black cliffs from the side.

sunrisepeak07 sunrisepeak08

Even the sand is black!


After we were done visiting the crater, we took a short drive to a lava tube. We walked the full kilometer through the cave, which doesn’t seem long, but it was absolutely freezing down there and dripping with water. It was so strange to be in blazing heat at one moment and then in such a cold environment straight afterwards!


Well, that’s it for Jeju Island! I’m back to the Korean mainland to teach my Secret Worlds camp!


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