Inspirations from Jeju Island

In between some of the writing camps I’m teaching in Korea, I’ve had some time to tour around Jeju Island, which is just off the main Korean peninsula.

Jeju is a volcanic island, so I’ve found the landscape and rock features very inspirational. I feel like I’ve gotten all sorts of fuel for world-building in my own books. There’s one world in particular that I’ve been developing, and I feel like this place has really helped me solidify it in my mind.

Here’s just a sampling of some of my inspirations . . .

This is a dol harbang (stone grandfather). You can see them everywhere here. And I love them. In fact, I wish I could cart one home to put in the front garden.


Of course, I found an old door to add to my door collection!


And now, lots of neat tropical scenery and cool rock formations . . .

jejuisland02 jejuisland03 jejuisland04 jejuisland05 jejuisland06 jejuisland07 jejuisland08

And, just because I’m terrified of spiders, here’s an ENORMOUS one I saw on one of the trails I walked. Thankfully, it was dead. But no less disgusting, because it was being tugged along at ferocious speed by some sort of beetle that had a very ravenous attitude in its step. I barely snapped off this photo before it managed to whisk away its dinner. Blech!



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