A museum of Elder Stones!

Yesterday, I visited a rock garden on Jeju Island in Korea. I ended up getting all sorts of inspiration for some new worlds, but what was interesting is that I ended up being reminded of a world I had already created.

The Elder Stone is a major setting in my Kendra Kandlestar series. I introduced the Elder Stone back in the first book in the series, The Box of Whispers:

The Elder Stone

While at the rock garden, I saw all sorts of “Elder Stones” in the museum portion of the site.

stonegarden09 stonegarden08 stonegarden07 stonegarden06

Out in the gardens, there were all sorts of interesting rock formations. (Jeju Island is volcanic, so that accounts for much of the interesting natural sculptures).

This forest of rock people reminded me of another scene in Kendra Kandlestar. At one case, Kendra and her companions happens upon a forest of stone trees, some of which turn out to be Ungers standing in guard of their sacred temple.


As for the rock below, a tree is growing out of its cracks. I suppose this reminded me a little bit of the Elder Stone as well, though it actually gave me inspiration for something else . . .


Here’s a close up of the tree . . . the single berry growing from it made it seem quite magical.


Finally, here’s one last interesting rock formation. I’m off for more adventures on Jeju Island, today!



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