How much is too much?

For day 2 of my writing camp at CBIS school in Korea, we tried out a fun writing activity called Too Much Tales. In this activity, the students imagine an enchanted cauldron that can spew out any item a character might want. The only problem is that the cauldron is broken, and doesn’t STOP producing the item.

Anyone who has seen The Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment from Disney’s Fantasia, will remember the kind of fun that can happen when you have too much of something.


I particularly like this activity because of the built-in problem.

Here are some photos of the students’ artwork, which will go with their final stories . . .

cbis_tmt_babies cbis_tmt_balloons cbis_tmt_books cbis_tmt_burgers cbis_tmt_gum cbis_tmt_hotdogs cbis_tmt_money cbis_tmt_swords IMG_cola


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