Alien lunch boxes

On day 1 of my writing camp at CBIS in Seoul, Korea, I decided to riff of my recent “Galaxy Camp” in Canada and make Aliens the theme of the day.

We started by taking my “What type of alien are you?” quiz. Afterwards, we worked on a project to imagine some evidence that was discovered at an alien crash site. After drawing some of this evidence, the students wrote a short story in the format of a newspaper article or a diary entry.

cbis_alienevidence_01 cbis_alienevidence_02 cbis_alienevidence_03 cbis_alienevidence_04 cbis_alienevidence_05 cbis_alienevidence_06 cbis_alienevidence_07

Then came the real fun part—alien lunchboxes! The students got to imagine and design their own alien menu and accompanying take out box. This really gives them an opportunity to gross it up. You’d think it would just be the boys who had the fun with this . . . but I’ve found it’s a universal truth that girls can be just as gross in their creations!

cbis_alienlunch_01 cbis_alienlunch_02 cbis_alienlunch_03 cbis_alienlunch_04 cbis_alienlunch_05 cbis_alienlunch_06 cbis_alienlunch_07 cbis_alienlunch_08 cbis_alienlunch_09


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