Off to teach at the Secret Worlds Camp

Tomorrow, I’m off to Korea to teach two writing camps. The first one will take place at a school in Seoul and will focus on a broad range of creative activities. The second camp has the theme of “Secret Worlds,” which will I will be co-teaching with children’s author and editor Kallie George.

I’m looking forward to Secret Worlds Camp, since it’s a topic close to my heart. No surprise, given my Kendra Kandlestar series, but in truth what I really love about our curriculum is that we will be delivering many new activities that we’ve never tried before. We’ll be building shrink ray models, writing with different perspectives, and coming up with small solutions for BIG problems (more on that later).

As part of the lead up to this camp, my wife made a mini-version of me, as if I’ve been struck by a shrink ray. Given the surprised expression on my face, I guess the zap caught me by surprise:



Other than Kendra Kandlestar, here’s just a few of the great stories we’re drawing inspiration from . . .



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