Life on Planet Marce: Ghosts Could Still Get Us

Life on Planet Marce

Since my wife are traveling in the United Kingdom, we decided to do an on-location podcast.

Episode 7: Ghosts Could Still Get Us

Episode 7 of our podcast features our ongoing conversation about ghosts, but after we had visited a haunted pub in the city of York, and taken a “ghost hunt” tour.

The Golden Fleece pub is reputedly one of the most haunted places in York and was even featured on the British television show “Most Haunted.” So we were determined to visit it to see if it could enlighten our ongoing arguments about ghosts.

There are many newspaper clippings decorating the pub, chronicling the history of ghostly visits to the place. Marcie enjoyed the little sign post on the door.


I was more enamored with the customer sitting at the bar. It seemed like he had been there a while, so I thought he could tell me a story or two. But he turned out to be a rather empty bloke.


The entire episode isn’t about ghosts, though. We also talk about how inspiring it is to visit in such an important place in the history of literary and theatrical arts. You can listen to the episode at the link above, or subscribe to us on iTunes.


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