Doing England, Harry Potter style

My wife, Marcie and I, are currently travelling through northern England. We didn’t really plan it this way, but it’s turned out that we’ve had quite a bit of Harry Potter-themed adventures.

It started in the city of York, when we were wandering through the park near St. Mary’s Abbey. We happened upon a little parliament of owls on display.


So, as one does whilst in such a situation, we decided to let them perch on us. There were six owls to choose from. I chose the one that I thought was the prettiest of the lot:


Afterwards, I told the handler that my wife would have a go with the “baby” owl. Then I turned around to see her holding the BIGGEST of the lot.


She was even brave enough to stroke its feathers . . .


Then we headed north to Alnwick Castle. This is the location where they filmed crucial quidditch-related scenes for the Harry Potter films.


As soon as we saw this sign at the entrance, we knew what we had to do:


You could choose from a whole collection of brooms:


Our training was with Professor Bottomley. He was stern with both of us. In fact, he seemed to think the other kids (er, I mean participants) were better listeners than us.


Marcie even got selected from the crowd for an extra lesson.


Despite our lackluster performance during the class, we still managed to succeed in levitating our brooms:



And we also did quite good at flying (eventually):



Well, we were proud of ourselves at the end!



But, really, we are just novices. We didn’t even get to play a quidditch match . . . but we did get to witness one!





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