Life on Planet Marce: Ghosts Could Get Us

Life on Planet Marce

After a hiatus, I’ve finally posted the latest episode of the podcast I do with my wife, Life on Planet Marce.

Episode 6: Ghosts Could Get Us

In this episode we talk about our busy spring, writing and traveling (me) and acting (Marcie).

Then, for some reason, we end up arguing about ghosts, which is sparked by the story Marcie tells of the time she “felt” a ghost in our suite in Italy. Here’s the photo of our lovely honeymoon suite:


Doesn’t look very spectral, if you ask me.

In any case, if you listen to the podcast, you’ll certainly hear my long rant. I’m pretty famous for my rants, and, honestly, I think Marcie just gets a lot of  amusement out of poking the bear . . .

By the way, if you enjoy what we do on this podcast, please subscribe. (In either case, we’ll keep arguing . . . but you just might miss some of the good stuff!)

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