My young authors and their books ~ all for a good cause

This year marks the tenth anniversary of CWC, the creative writing for children program I co-founded in 2004. The not-for-profit program, based in Vancouver, Canada, helps kids write, illustrate and desktop publish their own books under the tutelage of children’s authors, artists, and performers.

In the last ten years, we have helped thousands of kids produce books. This year, we took a new step by starting a system to help some of our oldest and most-skilled students publish books electronically on amazon. So far, we have published two books: Trapped by Rachel Kim and Winter Blooms by Janice Kim. Rachel was 12 and Janice was 14 when they wrote these two books.

The proceeds for each book go to the G12 Project, a program that helps girls in rural Guatemala complete their Grade 12 education by supporting them with the financial resources to remove the burden of poverty.

I ask that you check out and support these books by teenaged writers!





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