Creating the doorways into our stories

As my regular creative writing classes are winding to an end, it’s time for my students to design the covers of their books. Throughout the term, I’ve told my students that writing a story is just like building a house. To follow that metaphor, the cover is the doorway into those stories—and that doorway needs to look inviting!

I actually think that drawing and designing is just like writing—it takes time and patience to develop something good. So, in order to encourage my students to spend more time, I’ve taken to getting them to work on thumbnails of their designs before jumping immediately into something final.

Here’s a few photos of their progress so far . . . eventually, I’ll post the final designs!

hl2014_coverdesign07 hl2014_coverdesign06 hl2014_coverdesign05 hl2014_coverdesign04 hl2014_coverdesign03 hl2014_coverdesign02 hl2014_coverdesign01 van2014_coverdesign02 van2014_coverdesign01



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