The great studio revitalization project, part 1

One of my spring projects (apart from trying to finish the first complete draft of a new book) has been to revitalize my studio. It’s a bit of a wizard’s den, stacked with books, action figures, and supplies . . . but what it has always lacked is color. I never had time to paint the walls when I first moved in, and then I just got entrenched in work. So they have remained white for years.

I decided to change that this year. The problem is that I’m not remotely handy. I once severely injured myself changing a light bulb (true story). So I decided not to be too ambitious. I would just  concentrate on ONE main wall and try to turn it into something glorious.

Of course, one thing has led to another, and instead of spending dozens of dollars, I’ve now spent hundreds.

Oh well.

I haven’t finished yet, but I thought I would show the progress of it.

Stage 1 was probably the most difficult. I have the habit of taping drawings, sketches, and plot outlines directly to my wall, so I had to remove years of sticky residue before I could even get to the stage of having a blank canvas:



Next, came the painting . . . I chose fireworks orange, to give some more warmth and heat to the room.






So now I still have a blank canvas . . . it just happens to be orange instead of white. I’m having some custom-made box-shelves built, so I just have to wait until they are completed before I decorate the wall. In the meantime, I’ve started collecting some of the things that will be displayed there:


Famously, I’m obsessed with doors, so I’ve decided to put up some photos of my favorite doorways. Then, a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I happened upon this shop that specializes in coffee table using old doors and window shutters. I instantly wanted one. The only problem, is that I knew it would be a useless enterprise to buy such a thing for the studio. I would just end up piling books on top of it. So I talked to the owner and he’s going to convert one of the tables into a trunk for me so that (hopefully) I won’t put junk on the shutter, but underneath it.

This is the shutter I’ve chosen, which is quite old, and comes from India:


More photos to come once I’ve got everything up!


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