Just a few more doors from Japan

Here’s the last few doorways I managed to snap during my trip to Tokyo. All of these come from the Sensō-ji temple and the nearby market.

I found this quaint doorway in a side alley to the main market. I usually focus only on the doors in such scene, but the bike and the color of the walls were too good to pass up.


I liked the following door because it felt like a modern version of a traditional Japanese door.


My favorite doors are old, weathered ones . . .


This was a large set of doors at the temple . . . unfortunately, this was as close as I could get; I would shave liked a detail shot of the key hole.


Same with this door; it was protected by a barricade, so I couldn’t get closer.


This door had a nice set of colors.


. . . and I loved the scratches and wear-and-tear around the handle.


Presumably this is to an apartment. I liked the patterns on the facade.


And, finally, here is a nice detail of a red temple door. I particularly liked the hinges.



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