A monster at midnight

I’m currently leading the Monsters & Mythology writing camp in Yongin, Korea, and the theme just wouldn’t be complete without tackling the idea of transformation. After all, there are so many famous cases throughout myth, legend, and literature. We have Beauty and the Beast, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and various other stories about creatures of horror, such as werewolves and vampires.

To that end, I gave the students the story starter of a character who transformed each and every midnight into something else. To help inspire them, they completed a brainstorming sheet and illustrated the two versions of the character.



As a second step, the student prepared miniature wooden frames so that they could then mount those illustrations to create a sort of double-sided portrait. The fun part about this is that they painted each side of the frame with a different design to emphasize the two states of their character.



Next, we glued the two illustrations together and attached them to the frames. The results were fantastic, if I do say so myself:







The final step, of course, was for the students to write the legend that went with their character.

I’m especially pleased by the results of this activity as it was my first time doing it. I never know if some of my ideas will actually turn out once I’m in the workshop. Thankfully, this one was a hit!

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