Kendra, Katniss, Darth Vader, and Captain Underpants

I had a great visit at a local school today, where I led two Grade Four classes through my Creative Carpenter workshop (“How writing a story is like building a house.”

I always love going into a classroom, and seeing the culture of the school depicted on the walls. This was a fun poem about fictional characters that was on the door of the classroom. You can see Kendra Kandlestar listed as one of the characters, and there’s even a little doodle of the pluck heroine, complete with seven braids.


There were a few dog-eared copies of Kendra Kandlestar books lying about the rooms; I’m never sad to see them in this condition. In my opinion, it means they have just been well-loved.


The students made me do an impromptu Trooogul drawing on their whiteboard, which, apparently then turning into an opportunity to vote on the quality of my sketch! (So far, so good!)



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