Continuing my obsession with doors

I post a lot about doors on this blog, and I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot more about them, starting today.

One might think that I would have gotten doors out of my system with Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger, but the truth is that it just spurred me onward, to the point that I’ve decided that my next series (not just my next book) will be all about doors.

The wonderful part about this decision is that it gives me a continued excuse to go travel the world and take a lot of photos of doorways. I’ve shared some of my favorite doors in the past, but I’ve got a lot of new ones to add to my collection, which all came from my recent trip to Europe.

The photos below all come from one door that I found in the castle district of Budapest. It has all of my favorite features; it’s wooden, weathered, and colorful. It’s also a double door, with the larger door being for horses and carriages (or cars, if you prefer) and the smaller door for us bipeds.








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