A new journey for Kendra Kandlestar

Kendra Kandlestar Reads

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, but now I’m pleased to make it official: the Kendra Kandlestar series is getting a new life with a new publisher.

Simply Read Books is taking over the series, republishing books 1-4 with a new look and feel, and preparing to publish the fifth and final installment of the series, Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen.

Simply Read Books is known not only for books with beautiful words, but books with beautiful design and artwork. They have redesigned the Kendra Kandlestar covers to give them a fresh look (and to add the series number to the spines!). I particularly like the new title design, which was created by Sara Gillingham.

I am also thankful to be working with the Simply Read editor (and my long-time colleague) Kallie George on the series. In truth, she has contributed in one way or the other to Kendra Kandlestar’s journey along the way, so now her ideas, guidance, and support become more substantive and official.

The new print editions of The Box of Whispers (Book 1) and The Door to Unger (Book 2) are officially available NOW, with The Shard from Greeve (Book 3) and The Crack in Kazah (Book 4) to follow in Spring 2014.

Book 5 is scheduled to be released in Fall 2014. I’ll make an official announcement of the release date for Book 5 when we have it, but, er . . . that date is partly dependent on me finishing the book. Which I’m working hard to do. Really!

Part of the reason I haven’t been able to finish Book 5 as quickly as planned is the work I’ve had to do to produce the new editions of the first four books. Each book had to be re-read, re-edited, and get some design facelifts, which required my involvement along the way. There have been some artwork additions and replacements as well. In short, the author part of me wanted to tweak some of the words and the illustrator part of me wanted to update some of the illustrations that I just wasn’t quite happy with. All in all, some of the wrinkles have been ironed out!

But don’t worry, no plot points have been changed—it’s the same story it has always been . . . a story of a misfit girl yearning for just a little bit more. Oh, and there’s a whole pile of monsters too.




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