“Publishing Possibilities” at the PNBA in Portland

A big thank you to everyone who turned out to the educational session I hosted with colleague Kallie George at the Pacific National Bookseller Association’s fall tradeshow in Portland, Oregon on October 6th. You never know how these things will turn out, and we were happily surprised to find a packed room. People tend to come and go during these sessions, but my lovely wife Marcie, spying from the audience, said at some points there was standing room only.

Kallie and I spoke on our individual experiences in the publishing world and discussed some of the recent trends that we’ve observed and identified. With our combined experience, we could discuss a range of publishing possibilities; I’ve had some successful experiences self-publishing, while last year Kallie signed a three-book deal with Disney-Hyperion—about as big as it gets in our industry!

Many people were interested in our individual writing processes as well. I’m used to sharing my creative approach with kids all the time, but it’s a little different sharing my charts, plot outlines, and character brainstorming interesting. I suppose I imagine that “grown-up” authors know these tricks already.

This event capped a tour that also  took me to eight libraries and a bookstore. Luckily, trip involved only transportation by car. Why “luckily?” Well, just look at all the gear I ended up taking with me!


I’ve written some blogs about the earlier part of the tour already. Here’s a few shots from our event at the PNBA (purposely without audience) . . .





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