A trip to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station

It can be hard work to chronicle Kendra Kandlestar’s adventures and the comings and goings in the Land of Een, so now and again a vacation to another world can do my mind a world of good. That’s why during our summer trip to London, Marcie and I made sure to visit King’s Cross Station where Harry Potter famously caught the Hogwart’s Express.

You can push your trolley through the brick wall. The cue to do so was short and we enjoyed watching people from around the world taking their turn before it came to be ours.

Here’s the photos we took of each other:



We also had the “station masters” take a photo of us as a pair and decided to part with the eight quid for the photo afterwards.


Of course, you can pick up the official photos in the shop just round the corner. Here, they have all sorts of wonderful displays set up and, of course, lots of Harry Potter themed merchandise threatening to lighten your pockets.




Wares on offer included not only all the books, but chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts every flavour jelly beans, wands, scarves, sweaters—even “wanted” posters. You name it, they have it!





I already have my own Elder Wand and Hogwarts baggage tag (given to me, respectively, by fellow authors Kallie George and Kari Lynn Winters from their trip to the Harry Potter park in Florida), so my temptations were tempered. Other than the photo of Marcie and I, my only purchase was a Ravenclaw scarf. Why not? Practical AND geeky.

King’s Cross Station itself is quite something. It’s one of the busier stations in the London Underground and I was eager to explore it in order to do some research for another book I’m planning to write after Kendra Kandlestar is done. But more on that another time . . .

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