St. George’s and the dragon

Famously, it was St. George that defeated the dragon, but this summer I’m teaching Book Publisher’s summer camp at St. George’s school in Vancouver—so crafting dragon eggs seems a perfect fit for our location.  Earlier this week, I led my junior group in an activity to brew magic potions, so designing and decorating dragon eggs became the hands-on activity for the senior group.

Both activities involve A LOT of prep, but preparing the eggs is the worst for me, as I famously hate eggs. So you can imagine what it’s like to have to blow the snot-colored yolk out of twenty eggs. DISGUSTING.

But worth it—I really enjoy seeing my students come up with all sorts of creative designs that help inspire their writing. This activity is especially useful when it comes to teaching imagery and description (especially connected to the five senses). Many of my students have incorporated their eggs into the books they are writing for the camp.

Here is a glimpse at a few of their magical eggs . . .











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