An explosion or two in the magic potions lab

I started off my week at Book Publishers’ camp at St. George’s school with a bang—literally. That’s because we brewed our own magic potions. This is an excellent hands-off activity for working with the five senses and encouraging students to write with more detail and description. It also ties in nicely with crafting poems (or spells) to go with the potions.

This is an activity that takes a bit of work to set up (after all, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to procure the likes of mummy dust, troll snot, and blood of basilisk). However, I think it is well worth it!

Here’s some of the finished concoctions (the feathers—gathered from the stomping grounds of a herd of winged horses—are better for stirring than just a regular spoon).


The potion below involved many dragon tears and a bit of gnome poop.


Blood of basilisk and a goblin’s eye (staring up at us from the brew) were key ingredients in this potion:


This one had too much burning acid and too much mummy dust. It exploded.


The ones below involved some pretty exotic colours . . . I was almost (ALMOST) tempted to taste some of them!




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