The story cafe, and other adventures in Korea

I’m just back from Korea, where I taught two creative writing camps. Of course, it wasn’t all work! Here are a few snapshots from my personal adventures . . .

Below are some fresh eels being barbecued for a celebratory lunch (we had just finished the first camp). This was not my first time having eel, but it was the first time to see them served so fresh that they were still moving on the grill. Perhaps twitching would be a better word. Of course, I could also see them swimming around in the tank just over my lunchmates’ shoulders . . .


Anyone who knows me, know that I’m obsessed with doors. This is a traditional Korean door that you can find leading into a garden. I love the intricate detail.


For part of my time in Korea, I stayed near the Amsa market in Seoul. I love visiting these types of markets; I find them very inspirational for my own writing. In this particular market, you could buy all manner of goods—fruit, vegetables, seafood (including eels, almost hopping out of their buckets) and clothes.



I also returned to my favorite cafe in the world: the Story Cafe in Insadong. Here people, leave behind pictures and personal notes for the next visitors to discover. I left behind a sketch of Oki drinking from a giant cup of tea!






This is the shot of the building that was burnt by the giant explosion I witnessed back in February. You can see a picture of that fire in my earlier post. In the background of this picture is the famous “Top Cloud” restaurant tower.



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