How to build a hero

Day 2 of my writing camp at CBIS international school in Korea focused on hero-building. After taking my “hero” quiz for inspiration, the students invented heroic characters to go in search of the enchanted boxes they built yesterday.

We started by examining the common traits of some of their favorite characters including Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins, Violet Baudelaire (from The Series of Unfortunate Events), and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (from How to Train Your Dragon.)

Afterwards, I showed them some of the background work that went into building my own character, Kendra Kandlestar, including the pages below from my old sketchbook:

kendra_sketchbook_designs kendra_sketchbook_names

We also discussed name etymologies. I showed them a chart of candidate names I worked on for Kendra Kandlestar, back when I was first working on her. My kids quite loved this little chart, and used it for inspiration to try and make their own unique character names.

Names for Whispers

Here’s some photos of some of their character brainstorming. I was really happy to see them not focus so much on illustrations, but “designs” of characters, complete with labels and other tidbits of information relation to their heroes and sidekicks.

cbis-hero06 I







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