Faster than a speeding nerd

Here are some photos from the film shoot we are currently doing for our Super Hero movie. Every year I teach at a creative writing camp through CWC and it’s become our annual tradition to make a movie to help celebrate. First came the time travel epic, then a safari adventure, and now we’re really geeking it up with the super hero edition. These films just seem to be getting bigger each year.

The film was conceived by my friend Luke Spence Byrd, who is taking on the bulk of the work by shooting, directing, and creating the effects. The rest of us just show up and kind of chortle maniacally or shout out catch phrases!

Here’s me, in my Thor-inspired get up.


And this is our inspired super hero mentor, as played by Marcie Nestman.


Here’s a shot of me, presumably trying to coax Kallie George out of her super rest so we can shoot the next scene.


And here is our arch-villain, as played by Jeff Porter.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of my other super hero partner, James McCann. But rest assured, his costume looks fantastic!


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