The Seoul International Book Fair

sibfI’m really excited to announce that Creative Writing for Children (CWC), the company I co-founded in 2004, is joining forces with the Canadian Embassy in Korea to participate in the upcoming Seoul International Book Fair, which will take place from June 19-23.

I’m particularly pleased for my students, as many of their books will be displayed at our booth there. For some of my students who actually live in Korea, there will be an extra thrill; they will actually attend the fair to present and launch the books they have worked so hard to write and publish. They will be under the wise and watchful guidance of the other co-found of CWC, Joon Hyung Park. He will guide the students in their presentations will deliver his own seminar about the importance of weaving creativity into writing.

I’ve been to Korea on twelve different occasions to teach creative writing camps. We’ve covered all sorts of themes, including pirates, safaris, fairy tales (see the photo below, from 2008), fantasy and magic, circuses, spies, and space— so our participation in the Seoul International Book Fair represents a sort of culmination of many years of work. You can check out our page on the official book fair site in both Korean and English. I won’t be at the fair personally (I’m not heading over to Korea until July), but I’ll make sure the share any photos that come my way.


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