Friday’s Een-mail bag

I received more questions this week through the Een-mail bag! These ones are all related to the fifth and upcoming book, Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen.

Q: What does Oki try not to think about (in Book 5)?
Famously, Oki tries not to think about a different item of food in each adventure. This started in The Box of Whispers, when Oki did his best NOT to think of onions, a technique that Uncle Griffinskitch taught him as a means of trying to be less afraid. Of course, it’s impossible to not think of something—which Oki learned all too well when he encountered the wheezing wonder plant of Krodos (it had the power to transform you into whatever was in your mind . . .)

Oki as an onion.

For Book Five? Well, it isn’t one hundred percent decided yet. But I’m leaning towards rhubarb . . . . (either that or beans).

Q: What form does Pugglemud come in?
This addresses another ongoing element of the Kendra Kandlestar series. Pugglemud started off as a minor character, but, like a pesky weed, keeps wriggling his way back into each plot. So far he’s been a treasure hunter, a king, a pirate, and a ringmaster. I don’t want to quite say what Pugglemud’s job will be in this book, but I’ll just tell you that it will be his most sinister role yet.

Q: Is the cover going to be brown or yellow?
Neither! I haven’t decided entirely yet, but it will probably be an orangeish-gold. Or black . . .

Q:Can you give me a sneek peek on the book or send me a. Picture of what the cover looks like?
I haven’t done any artwork or design for the cover yet. However, there will be important news about the covers in the ENTIRE series coming soon!

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