Questions from the Een-mail bag

Honest OkiOne of the best things about being the chronicler of Kendra Kandlestar is receiving Een-mail from my young readers.

I recently received some questions that I thought I would share, along with my answers, all to do with the Een calendar! Here they are . . .

Q: When is Kendra’s birthday?

A: Though the exact date is never mentioned in the books, Kendra’s birthday is September 7th. In the third book in the series, The Shard from Greeve, it’s told that Kendra has just turned twelve, and that it is late summer, when Uncle Griffinskitch takes Kendra to the great tree of Een to procure a wand for her. Twelve is an important age for Eens, as it is the time they finish school and can be taken as an apprentice—Uncle Griffinskitch, of course, has decided to start instructing Kendra in the ways of Een magic.

Q: Is a year shorter for Eens? If so, do Eens have a different calendar?

A: The Een calendar is like ours, with the important dates being the changes of the seasons. They celebrate Jamboreen on the longest day of the year (the summer solstice) and Ald Meryn’s Eve on the shortest day of the year (the winter solstice).

Q: Can you send me an Een calendar?

No Een calendar exists (yet!). This would be a fun project though, that’s for sure!

* * *

Well, these questions remind me just how much detail needs to go into constructing a world! Even though so many details (like Kendra’s birthday, her favourite food, and first word) never make it into the text, they are things that I need to know if I’m to skillfully deliver the stories of Een!

Keep those Een-mails coming . . .

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