The never-ending quest for the City on the Storm

One of the key locations in Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen is the City on the Storm. It feels like Kendra and her companions have been search for it forever, but perhaps the more tiring quest has been my attempts to illustrate this mystical city to my satisfaction.

I’ve posted many illustrations of it over the months, and every time I think I’m done, I end up posting another “final.” Well, here’s my latest, in which I try to make the city seem less like a fortress and more like a magical palace.

I thought I would just post all the other, older versions too for the sake of comparison. I’d like to claim that this one is really my final . . . but I think I’ve now learned my lesson!

City on the Storm

Here’s the previous versions, including my sketches . . .

Approach to the City on the Storm


The Big Bang approaches the City on the Storm

City on the Storm.


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