A hive of trade and trickery . . . final version

Back in November I posted a photo of my sketchbook showing a rough drawing of Trader’s Folly, a new location that will appear in Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen. I finally finished the final:

A Hive of Trade and Trickery

That’s a magical mirror in the illustration; it shows you from the back (I’ve always wanted something like this so I can tame the back of my wild head of hair). Other items shown in this illustration that you can find at the market town of Trader’s Folly include eye-ball soup, a flying carpet, some potions, and “something” in a basket.

Even though I have been knee-deep in providing edits for the upcoming re-prints of the first four Kendra Kandlestar books, I’ve found some time lately to work on illustrations for Book 5. I’ll be posting more soon!


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