Inspiration from Thailand

My recent trip to Thailand wasn’t ALL work. One weekend during my stint as writer-in-residence at the international school, I took a trip out of Bangkok and visited the sites of Ayutthaya.

Of course, when you’re a writer, I suppose you’re always at work . . . because everything tends to be an inspiration.

My trip started with a visit to the summer palace, Ba Pang In, which was rebuilt in the late 19th century. It features a bridge based on the Point Neuf in Paris and a Siamese temple on a serene lake.


However, I would say the highlight of the trip was visiting the ancient capital of Siam, Wat Phra Mahathat. Burmese forces sacked the site many hundred years ago, leaving behind plundered ruins. Many Buddha statues were decapitated and it’s here where you can find the famous Buddha head that is now cradled within the roots of a bodhi tree, the very type of tree that the Buddha meditated beneath.




Of course, no trip to the Thai countryside is complete with an elephant or two. If you ever have tried feeding an elephant, you know it’s not a quite, slowly-paced endeavor. More like feeding a vacuum cleaner. But I adore elephants, so all is forgiven. I especially loved the markings on these elephants, with the soft beige patterns that decorate their faces.


The trip gave me many story ideas . . . though not for Kendra Kandlestar. I think it will be a new story, one with many different worlds and cultures. But that will have to wait for now as I finish up Kendra first!


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