Picture Perfect in Korea

I’ve just wrapped up a creative writing camp in Korea with my teaching partner and fellow author Kallie George. I didn’t have a chance to do any blogging during our hectic schedule, but now I can post some of the photos from our week.

We packaged our Picture Perfect theme that we’ve been teaching in Canada and brought it to this camp. The whole idea is to inspire kids in their creative writing with art history.

Day 1 began with a brainstorming exercise in which our students contemplated what art meant to them.


We had a mascot for this camp—Pablo the raccoon. Just like Kallie and I, he needed lots of coffee too!


On the first day we also began our projects to design and build mummies. I was really impressed with the results. I’ve led this activity a few times and, finally, someone built me a crocodile!




One of our other activities involved designing miniature portraits.


One of my favourite activities was when we took a cue from Surrealism and thought about dreams. Students designed their own dream bottles and then wrote a story about them.




We also led a writing activity in which the students crafted a hand-written letter to their favourite authors. I think the students enjoyed our approach of embossing the envelopes with wax and a seal impression.


We also ran a Picture Perfect Tournament, in which the students had to engage in a variety of activities.We had stations for word scramble, Pictionary, and mix-and-match, but my favourite stations were the ones below, starting with “Feats of Architecture.” Here, the contestants had to try and build the tallest card castle possible.


In this station, the participants were blindfolded and had to try and pin the smile on Mona Lisa.


In this station the students had to draw portraits of myself, Kallie, and our mascot, Pablo the raccoon.


We wrapped up today with each student presenting a monologue in which he or she imagined being an apprentice, model, or inspiration for a famous artist. This was quite entertaining! Some of the points of view adopted included Mona Lisa, a mummy, and a Campbell’s soup can!

Now, it’s time for one final meeting, and then we get our rest and prepare for the long flight home!

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