Finding fire in Seoul

Insadong fire.

As many of you know from Twitter and Facebook, I’ve had quite the experience during my most recent trip to Seoul with fellow author Kallie George. On our second night here, the building behind our hotel exploded due to a gas leak. I had never seen such a large and ferocious fire so close up. We were forced to evacuate for a few hours, but came to no harm rather than smelling a lot of smoke and losing sleep. And, as my friend Kari Lynn-Winters said in response to my tweets, “What doesn’t kill you makes a good story!”

The shapshots I took don’t really do the event justice, but you can see some truly spectacular photos of the fire by checking out this link and scrolling down.

In any case, I managed to pull myself together the next morning and appear, as scheduled, at a school that operates in Seoul under the auspices of the British Columbia government back home in Canada. Turns out they follow the BC curriculum. The kids were fantastic, full of energy and enthusiasm for Kendra Kandlestar!



After the presentation, we travelled to Yong-in, where we are delivering our Picture Perfect curriculum at a writing camp for writers aged 8-15. I’ll be posting some pictures of that once things become a little less hectic!


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