Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen ~ Update!

Kendra KandlestarI just finished my first complete version of my manuscript for Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen, start to finish.

I actually completed it a few days ago, then woke up in the night and decided to rewrite the critical end scene. I worked on it for an afternoon, decided to go back to my original—and then rewrote it again to create a sort of hybrid for the two different versions. I’m still not sure about it, but I’ve left it with my “trusted others” to see what they think. Personally? I feel like the end is a bit like a Shakesperian play, with this character and that all entering and exiting the “stage” at one point or another. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

There has been a lot to accomplish in this last book in the series. I want to make sure that all the favourite characters have their moment in the spotlight, and I want to also make sure we (the readers and me) are able to bade farewell to certain settings or elements of the series too.

Of course, it would be wrong to say that I’m finished the book. There will be many edits and perhaps some major rewrites of certain scenes. And there are many illustrations to do as well . . . over a hundred!

Nonetheless, a certain milestone has been reached, so I get to celebrate Ald Meryn’s Eve with a certain peace of mind.

2 thoughts on “Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen ~ Update!

  1. In my bleary-eyed state, I first read that as Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Amazon and I thought, “wow… that’s a little blatantly commercial!” I’m glad to see it’s Arazeen. :)

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