Wishing you a happy Yoda Yulefest

This weekend is the annual “Yoda Yulefest” party we host each year. Authors, artists, actors and all those otherwise creatively inclined will descend upon our merry little home to celebrate the season. In advance, the Padawans and I have been busy making preparations, baking cookies and decorating the house.

Here’s this year’s edition of Santa Yoda cookies:



Our tree features many Yoda decorations, including this, the ultimate tree-topper.

Yoda tree topper

Plus, we have some fun dioramas. We figure Jawas and Ewoks are pretty much the Star Wars equivalent of Santa’s Elves . . .


Yuletide diorama

The night will feature some Star Wars holiday music and, as is tradition, the annual reading of ‘Twas the Night before Yulefest, which you can read here by clicking on my post from last year.

Happy Yoda Yulefest to one and all!

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