Plotting the battle for Een

I feel like my writing has slowed to a crawl these past couple of weeks; it hasn’t been that I’ve been neglecting the work. In fact, I’ve been diligently getting up early each day to slug it out with my words. The hitch is that I’m currently writing the final battle that occurs at the very end of the series between the Eens and the armies of Shuuunga, the Unger witch.

It’s not easy to plot an entire battle. (In fact, I teach a whole workshop on the subject, called The Writing Rumble.) There’s so much to keep track of:

  • Setting
  • Scope and scale
  • The characters
  • The motivations
  • The weapons and armour of attack and defense
  • The strategy and logistics of each side
  • The description (how much or how little detail do you provide?)

Unfortunately, I have an extra complication in the writing of this scene that I can’t quite get into here. Suffice it to say that it has to do with a certain limitation of Kendra during this final epic scene, which, as it turns out, has forced me to be very creative. Of course, there’s not just Kendra to worry about. There’s also Trooogul the Unger and some other favourites such as Honest Oki, Ratchet Ringtail, Uncle Griffinskitch, and Juniper Jinx. Even some new minor characters, such as Mercy Moonwing the hummingbird and Shuuunga the Unger witch, will get their moments. Oh, and of course, Burdock will stick his long pointy nose into the action too!

In any case, I always turn to my sketchbook to accomplish the plotting of complicated scenes. Here’s my thumbnail snapshot of the final battle of Een:

Plotting for the Battle of Een

Admittedly, my battle doesn’t appear that epic on this page. Let’s hope it has a grander impact in the final words and pictures!

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