The calm before the storm

I thought I would post the illustration I did this week for Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen. It shows Kendra in a moment of contemplation as she stands on the old tower of Clovinstand, awaiting for the attack of a monstrous army.

You’ll see Kendra looks a little different now; she’s changed a lot in this book! Not only is her hair different, but you’ll notice how long her wand has grown. Een wands, of course, grow in length as its wielder grows in power . . . and Kendra has certainly grown in power by this point in the story.

Kendra at Clovinstand

It’s actually been a challenge to write the last part of this book. I keep finding myself going in circles as I try to wrap up this series and tie together all of the various plot outlines. There are a lot of characters to look after, and many of them have competing motivations. I have to keep reminding myself what each of them want!

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