And the title for Kendra Kandlestar 5 is . . .

. . . at last going to be revealed! It the number-one question I receive from fans and I’ve had lots of good guesses over the past weeks and months. You’ve all been incredibly patient (SORT-OF), but I’m finally ready to officially unveil the title of the fifth and final Kendra book.

So, what will it be?

Uncle Griffinskitch

Well, listen up—because here it comes . . .

Eldest of the Elders.

And the title is . . .


Ta Da!

Kendra Kandlestar and the Search for Arazeen

The obvious question now is, “Just what, in the name of all things Een, is Arazeen?”

Well, truth be told, this is really the crux of this book and rather hard to explain. But I’ll try! Simply put, Arazeen is a mystical place. Most Eens think of it as “paradise,” a place where all good Eens journey to after passing away from their earthly existence. If you know anything about mythology, then you might remember that the Norse had Valhalla, the Greeks had the Elysian Fields, and the Celts had Avalon.

So, the Een version of these heavenly realms is Arazeen. Though, I must tell you that many Een Wizards and sorceresses have a different idea about Arazeen: they believe it can be found before death. They don’t think of it as a physical place, but as a mystical state of mind or being. According to such beliefs, when a wizard achieves Arazeen, he has found inner piece, purity, or “oneness” with himself and the universe.

For those of you following Kendra’s adventures so far, you know she’s NOT been searching for Arazeen. In fact, she’s been on the hunt for the City on the Storm. And those of you who guessed that this book would be called Kendra Kandlestar and the City on the Storm were almost right. I strongly considered this as a title for the book. But it turns out that Kendra’s journey in this final tale is going to take her far beyond that castle in the clouds.

There will be plenty of action in this book as Kendra faces many old foes including Pugglemud the Dwarf and Agent Lurk. Other fan-favourites, such as Effryn Hagglehorn the Faun, Trooogul the Unger, and Honest Oki also play very important roles. And, of course, there will be some exciting new characters including Shuuunga the Unger Witch. You’ll even get to meet Oki’s little sisters (well, not ALL of them—he does have eight of them after all)!

The book will be released next Halloween. It’s a long time away—but no need to humph about it! I’ll keep posting updates on this blog to give you those sneak peeks.


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