Take a tour of the Een Museum – part 4

Here’s the final stop in the Een museum—at least for now. I always seem to be unearthing new items, so who knows what fascinating objects of magic may yet be uncovered?


The smaller stick is a replica of Kendra Kandlestar’s wand when she first started her apprenticeship as a wizard. The longer piece is representative of an older wizard’s wand; notice its curves and its length—and the stones embedded within its gnarled wood.

Een Muesum - Eenwood


Dragon scale and tooth
These two fragments may be relics from Kendra’s battle with Rumor the Red Dragon.

Een Museum - Dragon scale and tooth


Skarm Egg
Straight from the Crags of Dredge, an egg from the one-eyed flying worm known as a skarm.

Een Museum - Skarm Egg


Fairy dust
These come in different varieties. I’m not sure exactly what type of fairy this comes from!

Een museum - fairy dust

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