Do Eens belive in angels?

Well, if you have read the fourth Kendra Kandlestar book, then you know the answer to be yes!

I’ve been thinking a lot about The Crack in Kazah, partly because I’ve been working on edits for reprinting the entire series, partly because I’m working on Book 5, and partly because amazon is currently running a Halloween promotion in which you can download the book for free (click here for details).

One of the last changes made in the book involved the description of Een angels. In that book, Kendra and her companions are mistaken for angels, but my friend and editor Kallie George questioned the naming of these heavenly creatures. Would Eens really call them angels? I decided Kallie was right, and for the next week brainstormed in earnest.

Here’s my sketchbook page in which I recorded this process:

There are some interesting ideas on this page, though it doesn’t include the name that ended up appearing in the book: Eengels. Perhaps a little less original than some of the other concepts, but sometimes simplest is best!


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