So many characters; so many motives!

I’ve been writing my way towards the climax of Kendra Kandlestar V these past few days and it’s been causing my head to spin. After all, this just isn’t the climax of this book, but of the entire series. Well, I notoriously get myself into plotting trouble and whenever that happens I revert to diagramming.

As such, here’s the latest chart I’ve pasted to my studio wall:

Character Goals

This diagram lists all of the central “players” in the book and outlines their individual goals. Of course, most of their goals are in direct conflict with one another, and I’ve had to make sure that I keep each of them “on track.” I suppose there are really brilliant minds out there, ones that catalogue every little detail and nuance of character and plot systematically and automatically—but I don’t have one of them! I need plenty of notes, sketches and strange charts like the one above seem to help me.

Besides, one of my philosophies about writing is that you sometimes need a break from writing to do a related activity  just to give you some extra steam to keep going. I suppose it’s a way of celebrating the process too.

Even though this project started out as a bit of a fun distraction, it’s already proved to be a good brainstorming tool. You can see that I’ve already marked it up with my notes.

On a side note, I think I’ve pretty much decided what I will call this book; I think I will officially announce it on Halloween!

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