An olde medievalle tavern . . . with ray guns

Ray guns in The Storm Crow Tavern.That’s the way the The Storm Crow Tavern in Vancouver describes itself. Or, as my friend James McCann says, “A sports bar for nerds.” But no matter how you describe it, The Storm Crow has become the new favourite meeting place for my circle of creative friends.

Maybe it’s the cool display of ray gun props.

Or the collection of Dungeons & Dragons manuals.

Or the big-screen TV showing classic sci-fi movies (anyone remember Zardoz?).

Or the fact that the server was wearing Elf ears (at least I assume she was wearing them).

Or the poster to enlist in the fight against the Cylon army that was hanging in the bathroom.

Or . . . well, I could go on and on. In any case, I think you get the idea: this place is heaven for a person who spends most of his day writing about Eens and Ungers! If you find yourself in Vancouver, make sure you check it out (but not too many of you; I don’t want to have to line-up to get in!).


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