Enchanted feathers for my magic potions kit

This is the last of the ingredients I have to show (at least for now) of my revamped magic potions kit that I use in my creative writing classes. True, I showed clippings from a winged horse earlier in this series, but these are from your more exotic creatures: Griffin, Phoenix, and Cockatrice. These are good to drop into your potion at the very last moment (not that my students ever listen to me on this account).

I will admit these are three of my favourite creatures—they make appearances from time to time in my Kendra Kandlestar series. In The Shard from Greeve (which is being offered for FREE on amazon until September 25th by the way!), Kendra finds herself in the midst of a few critter brawls.

Magical creature feathers

I’m still on the hunt for a few more ingredients to go into the kit: Goblin eyes and tail hair from a centaur. So far no luck. The hunt continues!


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