Monday’s magical ingredients . . .

Here are the latest ingredients in my ongoing “magic potion” series. Today, I’m featuring some tried-and-true ingredients that I’ve had in my kit for a long time, but ones that have recently been restocked and refreshed: rainbow seeds, faerie dust, and Een sugar.

Every now and then, one of my creative writing students decides to sample the rainbow seeds, expecting them to taste like candy. How wrong they are! Yes, rainbow seeds may look like decorative sprinkles—but they are not! Rainbow seeds, as a matter of fact, are actually quite bitter and sharp.

As for Een sugar, it is rather like cinnamon with a hint of chocolate—it’s quite marvellous, as are most treats from the Land of Een.  You’ll want to stay away from faerie dust, however. It may look all sugary-silver, hinting at delightful deliciousness, but like most things to do with faeries, it’s actually quite dangerous.

Rainbow seeds, faerie dust, and Een sugar.

Faerie dust and Een sugar.


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