A magical ingredient for some magical times . . .

Lately, I’ve been chronicling my ongoing quest to restock my magic potions kit.  Here’s the latest ingredient to showcase—and it’s one I’ve never had before: Moss and Fungus from the Druid’s Forest. I was hoping to perhaps get some from the Whispering Grove in the Land of Een—but I suppose the Druid’s Forest is just as cool!

Moss and Fungus from the Druid's Forest

This ingredient is going to be excellent for the small charm potions that I plan to bottle up with one of my classes later this year. They’ll actually only need the tiniest of snippings from this jar of goodies . . . so hopefully this one will last for a long time. Which is all to say that it’s an ardent task to fill up this potions kit, perhaps one worth of Kendra Kandlestar herself!


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