It’s no Box of Whispers, but . . .

. . . I’m still happy to have this new chest to add to my collection of props.

Magic Potions Chest

Since the new term of creative writing classes are starting this week, I’ve been devoting a lot of time to restocking my magic potions kit. This is all to aid my magic potions classes, which serve to inspire writing through prop building and teach writing with the five senses (nothing sounds quite like mummy dust mixed with burning acid—or smells like troll snot with a dash of faerie dust).

One of the ongoing problem is finding a way to transport all of the different ingredients. Up until now, I’ve been using my large Box of Whispers prop—but really, that just isn’t what that box was meant to do.

So I decided to construct this chest. I gave it a few compartments on the inside to store the more delicate objects—the last thing you want is basilisk blood or pixie juice spilling everywhere on the way to class!

Interior of magic potions chest.

I’ve found a few new cool ingredients for the kit too . . . I’ll post detailed photos in a future blog.


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